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Salvimar Steel Speargun


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Picture this;

You're gliding through the water with your Salvimar Steel Gun. The aircraft grade aluminium of the barrel feels like it was designed to fly - that's because it was.

You detect a fast moving shadow in your peripherals.

The hunt is on.

You swing the gun effortlessly through the water, thanks to the vented rail through the muzzle of this Italian gun.

You line the fish up.

The all metal trigger mech is flawless. Like the shot you are about to take.

The hair trigger release sends the shaft moving powerfully through the water.

You take your Kingfish to your wife.

No wife?

You take it to the pub, to find a wife.

Who's King now?

Dinner is served.

Bad Ass Features:

  • Trigger sensitivity adjustment
  • Removable chest loading butt
  • Open muzzle (multi rubber capable)
  • Dyneema wish bones
  • 7mm shaft with laser welded shark fin tabs
  • Dual 14mm rubbers
  • Available
    • 95cm
    • 105cm
    • 115cm
    • 125cm (available upon request)