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Moana Long Blade Fins

Moana Long Blade Fins


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The Ocean Design Moana fins are characterised by their Thermo-Rubber Foot-Pocket and for the angle between foot-pocket and blade. With traditional fin blades an angle between the heel of the foot and the calf of the leg remains when the leg is extended-to-kick. This angle causes a loss of propulsion.

The angled blade design ensures maximum efficiency throughout the kicking cycle, plus optimising the power of the push through the water.

The thermo-rubber of two different stiffness compounds increases comfort over normal full foot pockets.

The interchangeable, non-vented blades of the Ocean Design Moana Fins are produced in a low-modular polypropylene material.

Extending from the foot pocket are side rails which add stiffness to the blade and prevent water from spilling over the outer edge of the blade. The blade of the fin is also channelled. The side rails and channels focus the movement of water down the surface of the blade increasing power.