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Inferno 110cm Railgun

Inferno 110cm Railgun

Rob Allen

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The barrel is manufactured from aircraft grade aluminium with a wall thickness of 1.45mm. The mechanism is manufactured from glass reinforced nylon and has a solid 316 stainless steel sear.

  • 1.45mm thick Aircraft grade Aluminum Railed Barrel.
  • Next generation Vector 2 handle with Loading Butt and mechanism.
  • Semi-Closed muzzle.
  • Stainless Steel Line Release.
  • 7.0mm Double Notch Oil drenched carbon alloy spring spear.
  • 4″ Shark Clip.
  • High strength, abrasion resistant black Mako shooting line.

The Rob Allen Vecta Mechanism is moulded from PA6 30% GS glass filled Polyamide to handle the power needed to hunt large blue water fish. External shrouds and an internal barrel spigot increase strength at the critical barrel/mechanism interface. Apart from safety considerations, any flex in this area reduces accuracy. Internal webs at several places in the mechanism are designed to spread loading away from high stress areas.

All load bearing pivot pins as well as the sear are manufactured from solid stainless steel. The rubber overgrip is clamped in place by the cheekplates to prevent twist on firing. The spring loaded line release cam returns to position after firing for ease of loading.