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2017 Swimming with Humpback Whales

Well, the 2017 season Swimming with Humpback Whales has officially come to a close.

Each of our awesome groups had brilliant encounters with mums, calves, escorts and the occasional heat run for a lucky few.

Our team and one of our reoccurring customers, Sharon, all agree that 2017 really was one of the best seasons we have ever experienced, and we have been escorting this tour for 16 consecutive years! Mums were comfortably letting their new born calves come to the surface to play and roll around with us humans, and the calves were loving it! Such curious creatures.

One of the heat-runs a group dropped into included 10 whales! Such an extraordinary cycle of life to be apart of. 

The Tongan guides provided excellent service, swimming an esky full of our picnic lunches to beautiful, tranquil deserted islands. And also sharing their history of the culture of Tonga.

The streets were often filled with colour, interesting looking vehicles, "Tongan" dogs, markets of fresh local produce and extraordinary views of the harbour.

We are changing course in 2018, travelling via Fiji. We are really excited for our upcoming season, arriving at a more inviting hour. (Arriving at midnight, the poor Tongan people look so tired yet trying to be joyful and polite).

The Quest Tours & Whaledive.net team are ready for what is next to come! Thank you to all our travellers, and welcome to our future groups! 


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